Emma. is a reflection of me. 

A carefully curated constellation of things that matter to me. 

I'm an eager idealist. An entrepreneurial spirit entangled in an intellectual love affair with academia.

I feel most at home in the identity of an entrepreneur, so you can call me that. 


Emma's College

When I was 17, I decided to go against all expectations and not enroll in university. Instead, I started a company, dove deep into the world of self-directed learning, and created Emma's College.

Emma's College is the platform where I share how I created my own informal bachelor education. All open, free for you to take what you need. 

The Open Fields Foundation

The Open Fields Foundation works on open, entrepreneurial, and quick-witted solutions for complex problems.

Our work arch over the borders between countries, domains, and clusters in society. In uniting the power of tech and the power of inspired citizenship we aim to advance equality.

Emma's Notes

Emma's Notes is the virtual version of my brain. Without any restraints re the topic, Emma’s Notes naturally gravitates towards the things that fascinate me most: entrepreneurship, the exploration of theory, and learning.

I send out Emma's Notes weekly on Wednesdays.