I'm Emma.



Welcome to my online home. 

This website serves as the most up to date version of where I'm at professionally. 

Most people know me as the girl who created her own college.

When I was 17, I decided not to follow the set track of going to college. Instead, I made the world my university and learned more than I ever expected to. 

Emma's College is the platform where I share my methods, lessons learned, tips and much more.

Watch my TEDx Talk about this adventure:

Currently I spend most of my time:

Speaking on learning


the Open Fields Foundation 

Creating Emma's Notes

I give lectures on learning, using my own college as a starting point. I take the lessons I learned from creating an education in the real world and use those to inspire schools, companies and governmental organizations. 

Previous talks have been on the stages of TEDx the Amsterdam Education Gala, and Future Talks.

The Open Fields Foundation shines a light on learning where there was no (access to) education. 

Every human is equipped with the superpower we call learning.

Most people have a gap between their learning and education, simply because what we learn is greater than the education we got credit for. 

Sometimes this gap is so great, however, that it poses problems like limited access to further education or jobs. 

O.F.F. creates and supports solutions for these situations. 

In doing so, we contribute to making education the thing it was always supposed to be: the great equalizer.  

Emma's Notes is the virtual version of my brain. I share short notes, that are somewhere between a thought and a blog. 

I write mostly about entrepreneurship, ethics, and learning.


My interests are pretty broad though. And since Emma's Notes are a little peek into my brain, don't be surprised if come at you way out of the left field. 

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Currently only for the dutchies 😉


Hoe geef je je eigen leren vorm? Hoe vind je mentoren? Wat als je niet gemotiveerd bent? Hoe maak je keuzes? In mijn podcast deel ik mijn beste tips, leukste verhalen en belangrijkste inzichten. 


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My life in short:


I live in Haarlem, which is right between Amsterdam and the beach. 

Most memorable trip

The most memorable trip I've made was in August 2018, when I got the opportunity to join 100 captains of industry to the Arctic. We spend 5 days on a ship surrounded by nothing more than ice, to discuss our time's greatest questions. 


When I was 18, I stood on the TEDx stage to share my story on why I didn't go to college. 


I'm an avid reader, always been one. I read most classic communication, productivity, and management books when I was pretty young. Not necessarily because I liked them so much, but more because I had finished all the children's books in the library and started reading my dad's personal collection. I guess I should thank him because it now often comes in hand. 

Biggest dream

As long as I can remember, my biggest dream has always been to lead peace negotiations for the UN.

When I'm not working

When I'm not working, you'll most likely find me on the beach. It's the only place on earth where I can simultaneously think and not think — love that. 

I love to cook and I like to think I'm getting quite good at it. My family doesn't agree necessarily, but I guess they are the ones that should keep you humble, right? 😉

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