Hey, my name is Emma. 

I started this company when I was 17. I decided regular university was not going to work for me, so I built my own informal college. 

Then, I got the hang of entrepreneurship and 

started more ventures, I've listed them below. Besides all that, I'm now studying global politics at Minerva University. 


Emma's Notes

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Emma's College

At age 17 I decided the conventional path of going to university was not for me. I thought I could learn more in the real world. I specialized in informal and self-directed learning and shared my journey on Emma's College.

Open Fields Foundation

The Open Fields Foundation leverages the power of open tech and open science. 

We believe that working with interdisciplinary and open problem solving methods is crucial in solving today's complex problems.

This is my personal website, the buttons below take you to the website of each venture.