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I give talks on:

How to direct your own learning. 

I directed my own learning without the guidance of any school for four years. In this lecture I take the audience through my best practices, lessons and teach them how they can apply self-directed learning in their own life. 

Often works best for: educators, students, conferences on innovative education.

How to create an organization that learns better. 

In this lecture I also draw upon the lessons from Emma's College. But rather than focussing on the individual, I zoom in on what organizations can do to stimulate informal  learning - including self-directed and peer-to-peer learning. 

Often works best for: L&D  professionals, schools that want to innovate.

How to use build a career as a life long learner.

What does it mean for your career that you will never stop learning? In this talk I explain how life long learning has changed careers for ever and how you can take advantage of that. I share my best practices, drawing on my experiences as an entrepreneur that started at age 17 without a degree nor experience.

Often works best for: students and young professionals. 

How I work:

Usually my talks consist of 30 min prepared lecture and 15 min Q&A. I'd like to discuss with you however how I can add most value to your event. 

What to expect:

My talks are practical and interactive. I believe my audience will learn more if I meet them where they are, instead of regurgitating a one size fits all story.  Therefore my prepared talk is often purposefully interrupted by questions and intermezzos. 


For talks I charge between €1500,-  and €2000,-excl. VAT. This price is dependent on time, context, and additional requests.

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Thank you for your request, I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.


Emma has her own, unconventional and wise vision on learning. She doesn't hesitate to confront if necessary and makes you question your own truths. 


A talk by Emma will make you learn for sure. When she gave our annual Eckart Wintzen lecture for a room full of entrepreneurs, she struck exactly the right string.

Michel Barth | former managing partner Better Future | founder Betterpreneurs

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