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Or, me helping you solve a problem.

Previously I helped organizations with:

How can we open up our curriculum to the expertise of our community? How do we incorporate parents and neighbors into our education? - Primary School de Lanteerne 

How can we make better use of the knowledge and skills already within our company, instead of solely hiring external trainers? - T-Mobile 

How do we include students into our decision-making processes? - Stichting Floreo

How do we make use of Open Badges to modernize our accreditation system? - Quadraam

My method:

I work hands-on and would rather fail fast than hold yet another meeting. 

I don't believe in a quick fix however, and pay attention to everything that's not said just as much. 

My methods are inspired by design-thinking, complexity theory and the science of learning. 

The process:

Step 1: defining the challenge

The process always starts with research. I analyse your organization, interview stakeholders and together we define what a successful process looks like. 


Because each project is tailor made - there is no set price. Investment usually range between €2000,- and €10.000,- excl. VAT depending on the challenge and time investment. 

Sounds like a match?

Fill in the form below and we'll schedule a call to see how I can help you. 

How can I help?

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I speak about life long learning.

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