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Previous work:

This is an overview of work I've done previously. For my educational portfolio, see Emma's College. 


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Let's do this is a book on the art of school right.

Aiming to create food for thought wrapped in eye candy, we created an artbook containing more than 300 pictures showcasing 6 innovative schools from all over the world.

For the book, I researched the schools' methods and their scientific proof.

onderwijsvragenboek .jpeg

Het Onderwijsvragenboek is a Dutch book created by Operation Education.


The book aims to question all elements of education we perceive as normal, such as  subjects, standardized test, vacations and much more. It doesn't stop at questioning however. For each question history, advantages, disadvantages and alternatives are explored. 

I contributed in research and editing.



Quadraam is a board consisting of 13 high schools. In an effort to modernize their education Quadraam piloted the use of Open Badges. 

I consulted Quadraam in this pilot and researched the implementation of the Open Badges.



Working with project office Thomas en Charles we consulted T-Mobile on their learning & development. The main focus of our work was enhancing informal learning processes and modernizing formal learning processes. 

I mainly worked on digitalizing onboarding processes and increasing the impact of a biyearly learning week. 


De Lanteerne is a primary Jena Plan school.


While consulting de Lanteerne, I worked on their wish to expand the learning environment of students from solely the school to a broader community of parents and the neighborhood.


In doing so I introduced software to enable direct communication with parents and researched the development of the professional identity of the teachers. 

Reinventing learning:


Collaborating with project office Thomas en Charles I researched the phenomenon Life Skills. 


We defined Life Skills as the skills, knowledge, insight and attitude you need in order to take charge over your own life.


We collected these Life Skills by asking people questions like: what would you have wanted to learn in school? 


Dodo is a tool that enhances community learning. By making the skills of members of a community visible, Dodo makes it easier to find people to learn from and with.

To develop Dodo I collaborated with Q42, Betty Huarta, Anne van Egmond and Thomas en Charles.


Learnlife is a learning community aiming to change the way we approach education. In 2017 I was invited to work on the first design of Learnlife (then called Our Dream School).

Currently Learnlife has its first hub in Barcelona. 

Companies I've worked with:


Great Communicators is among the top-ranked training institutes for public speaking in the Netherlands. With experience coaching TEDx speakers, politicians, and industry leaders they offer their coachees the tools and theory to deliver unforgettable speeches.

As project manager I was responsible for improving internal processes in a phase of rapid scaling.


Operation Education is a foundation aiming to innovate the education system. Working with the Operation Education team, I created a leadership program for educational leaders

Thomas and Charles is a project office specialized in designing learning processes. 

Working with them, I consulted schools, companies and foundations on their learning processes. 

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