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I'm Emma Stoks.

I believe the only way to success is to never stop learning.


I can help you, or your organization in learning better and smarter. This will lead to sustainable growth and innovation. 

About me

After high school, I chose life over college. Since that decision, I've designed my own learning path as an entrepreneur. I'm fascinated by learning and how we organize the process of learning in our society.

My view on learning:

Learning happens always and everywhere.


Thinking and speaking in terms 'how things should be' or 'have always been' often isn't very helpful. I'd rather look at what there is to learn in every situation.

Being aware of your own learning experiences and those of the people around you, makes learning easier. 

Your challenge

Your organization is stuck. ​

You have been struggling with a change for a while now. Despite all the good intentions, ideas, plans and brainstorms: it just doesn't seem to work out. 

There are too many urgent decisions to be made day to day and the problem appears to become more difficult each day you don't fix it. Maybe you no longer believe in your own method, or you lack the skills you need. In short: you are done with the stress and want change - you need to learn.

What I can do for you:


We live in a time that asks a lot of organizations when it comes to change and growth. I can help your organization with creating and implementing a new strategy on the learning of your employees.  


I give talks on how to design your own learning, and how to create a culture of learning. In the past years, I've had the chance to share my views on the stage of TEDx, international conferences, schools and (B Corps) companies.  


Learning is constant, but not always in the direction you want. In one on one sessions I will guide you towards your own (learning) goals.
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