So, here's the deal. 

My name is Emma, but I think you got that by now. This page is to tell you a bit more about me. 

Let's start with a bio you may use:

Emma is a 22-year-old Dutch entrepreneur. At age 17, she decided the conventional route of going to university was not for her. She then started Emma's College, her own informal college focused on self-directed learning. Emma specialized in informal and self-directed learning. She has consulted many schools and companies on their education/learning strategy, implementing the lessons from her own Emma's College.

Emma is a frequent speaker on these themes. Previously she has given a TEDx talk, given the yearly Teacher Gala speech in Amsterdam, and spoke at the first-ever Future Talks Conference in Oslo

Some of Emma's other projects include Emma's Notes, her weekly newsletter on entrepreneurship. Besides that, she runs a brand new foundation called Open Fields Foundation. There she uses the power of Open Science and Open Tech to investigate complex problems. 

10 facts:

  1. I'm based in Barcelona - my favorite city in the world.

  2. I'm studying global politics at Minerva University. As part of the program, I live in a new country each semester. So far I've lived in San Francisco and Seoul, soon moving to Hyderabad, Berlin, Buenas Aires, and London.

  3. I have two siblings, a younger brother, and an older sister. 

  4. I was born in a town called Duiven, in the east of the Netherlands. 

  5. I love to read, as a kid, I would bring 21 books to a three-week vacation - a book per day.

  6. I've lived in Amsterdam for years and loved it there.

  7. I love to organize surprises. By now most of my friends expect a surprise party. 

  8. Biking makes me super happy and feels at home. 

  9. Whenever I'm stressed out I either cook or clean.

  10. I attended high school at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Arnhem, primary school was a local Montessori school.


'Emma is a highly talented and very professional young woman. She knows what she herself needs to flourish and what others and their organizations need to do the same. She has a sharp mind and warm heart is a great writer and speaker and easily balances the strategic overview with meticulously focussing on detail. She is both a strong analyst and feeler. In short: a blast to work with! 

Claire Boonstra | Founder œ Operation Education