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Problem 1:

Often people ask me to have a coffee, to think along or to brainstorm about their idea. I do love coffee, so the offer is tempting, but if I say yes to all of them, I won't have any time left to do my job. Moreover, I've noticed that the non-committal nature of these conversations often isn't productive.  

Problem 2: 

As long as I can remember I invent at least three new companies a day. My head is some kind of idea factory that works faster than my hands can move. On the one hand, this is a blessing, because I never lack inspiration. On the other hand, I sometimes hate the fact that a day only has 24 hours. 


I give 1 on 1 sessions in which you can ask me direct questions. This way you'll get your answers and I can use my constant stream of ideas to help you out.

What kind of questions can I ask you?

Theme's people often want to discuss:

  • How can I transform this idea into something to earn money with?

  • How do you see this challenge from the eyes of your generation (GenZ)?

  • If you were head of Learning and Development of my company, what would be the first thing you'd change?

  • I want to learn X. Where do I start?

How does this work?

You can request a session through the form down below. After we've picked a date, I'll send you a questionnaire so we can skip 10 min intro and get started right away.

We meet at my office in Amsterdam (centre) or virtually if that's what you prefer.

I'll take care of the coffee, you bring your laptop and questions. 


I charge €250,- excl. VAT. for 1,5 hours. If this is unreachable for you currently, I'm open to discussing an alternative depending on your motivation to request a session. 

Request a session:

Thank you for your request! I'll get back to you asap.


​To be successful as a creative entrepreneur, you need more than just your creative talent. Entrepreneurship is a whole different art Emma masters. She looked at how I can best use my strengths and where new opportunities lie. It's refreshing to brainstorm with her, as soon as she gets going, the ideas keep coming. 

Eva Leget - Photographer and designer

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