Life Skills is a project of Thomas en Charles. 

Life Skills are the skills, knowledge, attitudes or values that help you take control over your own life. If you have these Life Skills, it will make your life a bit easier.  

Within these projects we on the one hand open up the conversation about what Life Skills are and on the other hand gather ways to gain Life Skills. 

Through Thomas en Charles I work at innovative primary school de Lanteerne in Nijmegen. Part of the education at de Lanteerne is problem-based. I helped them find ways to incorporate the expertise of parents into the learning proces of the students. 

Currently I am focussing on the professional identity of the teachers. I believe that the story you tell yourself and others about who you are as a teacher defines the work you do. I have interviewed the teachers of the Lanteerne to find out what their story is and how it can help them in their day-to-day work. 

As a founding member of the Future Talks  community, I had the honor to join 99 brilliant people on a trip to the Arctic.
After speaking at the Future Forum in Oslo, we took of on a veteran ship for 4 days. N
o wifi or cellular coverage.

Exploring the Arctic and engaging in the most important discussions of our time together.

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Our Dream School is a Spanish organization that has taken on the challenge to design the school of the future. In October 2017 I joined them at their Thought Leader Summit to kickstart this great initiative and co-design the blueprint of their Barcelona Learning Innovation Community. 

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Operation Education is a foundation that focusses on enabling educational change.  I have worked with their team to design and facilitate a leadership program for principals. Together with the team I have pioneered, experimented and eventually started a program that helps educational leaders to make their vision a reality.  

Q-highschool is an initiative that offers meaningful learning experiences to students enrolled in one of the 13 high schools of the Quadraam board. Through Thomas en Charles I work with the Q-highschool to find out how students can use Dodo, a tool that collects learning experiences, to design their own learning.  

I give talks at schools, boards and companies. Usually I speak about my experience within the education system, what learning is to me and how I think we could redesign learning to make it smarter, better and more fun.  

I like to share my story, but I like helping my audience with a next step even more. 

After all, it’s not about what you know, but about what you do with it 🙂

De Sterrenwacht is a primary school in Hellevoetsluis. I have worked with them to find ways to incorporate the opinions of their students into the decision making process. With the students I have defined the playing rules of the student council and brainstormed on ideas to improve their school. Among the ideas were a gigantic swimming pool, but doing PE in the local swimming pool every other week was a good idea too. Another one was eating cake all day, but maybe starting cooking lessons was even better.