About me

I was born 18 years ago in Duiven, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. I attended a primary montessori school and after that went to a grammar high school. 

My answer to ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ was always ‘the boss’.
I didn’t understand much of the world and always wanted to know why.

I learned that if you don’t agree with the way ‘we always do things’ you can either complain, or organize an alternative. At a very young age, I decided to go with the latter.
First that would be inventing new games to play or reading different books than my peers, but by the time I started high school this had evolved into bigger projects. I asked myself:
Why don’t we invest more money in the education of my peers in marginalized communities? And I organized fundraising events to raise money for the Red Cross.
Why do I have to graduate from high school before I can attend college? And I enrolled in college at age 15. 
Why do I have to be in class, if I also get good grades without attending every class? And I made sure to be in class the least possible, by being part of and starting committees and clubs that had my interest.

I noticed that the freedom to do all of the above, gave me a lot of confidence and taught me to design and organize my own learning. 
I also noticed, that the less I was in school, the higher my grades would be. Of course it’s fun to get an A+ instead of an A. But I think it only really matters when you get a C instead of a D. I decided to organize an Education conference at my school to promote listening and paying attention to students’ opinions on education. I invited 40 speakers and started a student union. 

After this day I decided not to continue studying at a college, but design my own learning as an entrepreneur.
Want to read more about how I do so? Check out the projects page!